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MS Hug – How Do You Manage It

Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with RRMS November 2018, but have apparently been experiencing the MS Hug since approximately 2012. For me it’s the typical girdling pain around my rib-cage. It can be dull or it can be sharp, breathing is often painful and my muscles are all extremely tense.

There are times where the hugs are rather mild – in a lot of discomfort and some pain but able to push through. Other times it’s absolutely excruciating – where I’ve gone into the ER for some sort of help, or I’m unable to do anything other than writhe in pain and wait until it stops – which can be 12+ hours, usually in the evening/overnight. Also, when it’s really bad my rib-cage will be sensitive for up to a week (feels like I was kicked in the sternum, and my rib-cage was beaten).

Last night I felt the hug coming on around 6PM. I had hoped it wouldn’t progress but it did and it was horrible. Up all night, managed to get about an hour of sleep from 6AM-7AM. It’s now 9:30AM and I’m still in pain – although not as excrutiating – and a lot of discomfort.

I’m wondering if anyone experiences the hugs to this degree and if there’s anything that can be done to help manage the pain? Or what I should tell my doctor to get help? I’m getting desperate.

Thank you,

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8 months ago

I know how you feel…..
I was prescribed Baclofen to help with the spastcity in my legs which felt worse than the hug….
But since taking it the hug is there every now and again but all I need to do is have a stretch and it’s gone.
Might be worth asking your doctor about.
Hope that helps.

8 months ago

@veronika_keir , this is the subject of quite a few previous posts, as you would imagine. You can locate these items by using the Forum Search function (magnifying glass, top left) and searching for the word “Hug”.

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