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Late diagnosis

Hi I was diagnosed with MS March 18 aged 46
Although my consultant felt I was miss diagnosed with meningitis when 21
I have been prescribed tecfidera which seems ok
And 5.000 vitamin D
I have recently just started myself on milk thistle to help the liver

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5 months ago

Hi loretta_marie_pleasance
Welcome to the club.
I’m intrigued…. how do you milk a thistle ?
I’m Scottish and was brought up to believe that we used them to stop the English from sneaking up on us.😄
Feel free to ask anything you like we’re all very friendly.
The rest of the gang will be along soon to say hi once their out of bed.
I’m on Tec also, like you not had any major probs.
Happy trails.

Hello highlander
Jokes aside have u tried milk thistle?
I wouldn’t be out of bed if it wasn’t for a school run to do lol
Is there an app for this site ?
Or do I have to keep finding the link on face book ?

5 months ago

Hi again @loretta_marie_pleasance.
Not that I’m aware of, I don’t use FB.
I just use in my browser on my phone.
And really…it’s real what is it?
And you would have got away with a lay in if it wasn’t for those pesky kids 😊

5 months ago

Hi @loretta_marie_pleasance and welcome.

It’s always good to have a reason to get out of bed. Be it a school run or in my case, my bladder. There’s a lot of life that goes on outside our beds. 😉

There isn’t an app for Shift.MS. It’s been designed to work on all platforms. Are you able to create a bookmark in your browser?

Yes it’s a vitamin

@ stumbler I’ll try that as had a nightmare trying to find this again lol

5 months ago

Just looked it up, its also called Silybum Marianas you’ve got to take your hat off to the people who named it or truth be told I’m still a kid at heart and giggle at funky names still.
No malice intended….Just being silly.

😂😂 that is funny name
I only started taking it as I believe tecfidera can damage your liver
I’m a newbie so still learning about MS

5 months ago

No worries.
I’m also on Tec have been for about 8 months.
I was dx just over a year ago at the tender age of 48 just… with SPMS.
Top tip Don’t stress it really does make it worse. Easier said than done I know.
Hence me being childish at times just makes things a little less daunting.
Every one handles it differently but this site is ace, always here to give good advice and banter.
If you click on a person’s name or picture it opens up their personal profile if they’ve filed it out.
Ask anything you like we’ll find an answer some how.
Keep smiling.

Thank you and have a great day

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