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Just a moan

I’ve ms since 2009 n was doing grand getting on with it when last Feb I had a really bad relapse and ended up in hos for 1 month. Everything went my walking, my arms my speech, my swallow and my balance just to name a few things which I didn’t even know was possible. Then in March I got pregnant (least that worked……lol)- I had gorgeous boy in Nov. Since then he 9 months old and my walking and balance are terrible. I started tysabri last February I can’t even bring him for walk n carrying him upstairs for bed is getting harder. My driving is bad too cos it’s my right leg so I feel like prisoner……. sorry rant over thanks for listening just feeling sorry for myself.

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1 year ago

Really sorry to know that you’re struggling and hope that the rant has helped. Thank goodness you know it’s ok to do that! I know I feel very overwhelmed with the sudden changes and uncertainties that go with this condition, and it must be tough when you are also getting used to being a new Mum. It sounds amazing that you’ve now got your wee boy, and the great thing about babies is that he won’t care how you move about- he’ll be happy to be with you.
Hope you have a better weekend.

1 year ago

@bradydenise , go easy on yourself and enjoy what you can do.

Whilst worrying and stressing about tomorrow may be considered normal, it can be detrimental to our health and our MS and is best avoided.

So take care and enjoy being Mum.

1 year ago

Hey dizzy,
Thanks so much for replying. I do feel bit better thank u I just feel guilty too. I also have 2 other boys 20 n 10year old so they do help as much as they can. My husband works in the airport n does shift work so it’s just hard when he’s not here.
Thanks again x

1 year ago

Thank you stumbled x

1 year ago

Rant all u want darling, that’s what we’re here for. To address your problems,have u got a mobility car? If not, why not, you can gave any adaptions necessary, width looking into. Right, next problem, stairs, I have just had a through lift put in by council, no expense to me, might be different for you because u have an income, but get in touch with your counciland ask for their Occupatiol Therapists, again width looking into. Good Luckand enjoy your son😍

1 year ago

Hello @bradydenise, do you have an MS nurse? I’m sure she/he could point you in the direction of further help and support, especially given the age your little blessing is. Your body is stilll probably trying to recalibrate after the double-hit of relapse and pregnancy at the same time. I hope you are getting adequate sleep at night, as this is vital for setting you up for the day. It’s great that you have this site to spill out into, we’ve all done it, so feel free! Hope you start to feel stronger soon x

1 year ago

I was daigmosed in 2005
In 2010/2011 i had the same weaknes and relapse as you almost
Half of my tongue wasnt tasting anything i had university exam my hand wasnt able to hold a pen
Then other side of tongue wasnt tasting i wasnt able to even speak my walking was funny saw double they jept happening cor a year i was crying trying to make my bidy feel guilty fir making me feel this way
But thrn i recovered 99,99% was even able to move ti scotlsnd couple of years to learn english
But recently had bladder issue which is new for me
I had two implantation surgeries cornea contact
But now i feel better again
Im nit on treatment not convinced

I hope you feel better ever after
When i wasnt well i got a new bed downstair
Dont let thus relapse
Relapses come and go fo an mri and ask what type of MS you are
Im still RRMS hope u too

Be safe sorry for the rumble

1 year ago

Thank u so much I’m happy I’m not alone. No haven’t looked into adapting my car yet (still a bit of denial I think) I do have another banister which ot installed and handrails for shower and a seat too which is very helpful. I just don’t think my body had time to recover fully. I was in the gym but I found it hard especially with all the young posers. I joined slimming world because I needed to lose the baby weight to help my mobility. So hope this helps too and I’ve started to see a councillor too. She thinks I was dealing with ptsd which is probably right. It’s very hard to deal with it especially all at once.
I really appreciate finding this site n chatting to people who get it ❤❤❤

1 year ago

Hope you are feeling better, please have a moan or rant any time you like. Better out than in and we are all here to listen and relate in some way I am sure.


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