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Is it the MS hug?

Twice this week I have experienced a really weird, uncomfortable, painful feeling around my torso in sort of a band underneath my breasts, right around the back. I have never felt this before.

The first attack woke me up at about 1.30am on Monday; I thought it was indigestion and tried to sleep it off, but then I became worried I was having a heart attack and ended up calling an ambulance. The doctors confirmed my heart was fine, and after about 30 minutes the feeling went away.

Then it happened again today at about 3pm at work. I had to go to the toilet to get some privacy, as the discomfort and pain was quite unbearable. My chest and abdomen felt like it was cramping. I was considering calling my husband to come and collect me to take me home as I knew I probably couldn’t drive but then, just like the first time, after 30 minutes it subsided.

Now again tonight (so about 4 hours later) I am feeling a milder version of the same thing, just lying here on the couch.

Last week I had a flu/cold and was in bed for a week, and have just finished a course of antibiotics. So I’m aware that this could just all be my body and stomach recovering from that, and reacting to meals/food.

But it occurred to me today that perhaps this could be what they call “the MS hug”. I’ve never had it before and the descriptions online sound quite vague. Has anyone had this hug and what’s it like? How long does it last? Does it sound like what I’m having?

Any advice appreciated.

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1 week ago

Sounds about right, from my perspective….
Baclofen kinda stopped it for me it’s a muscle relaxant.
Hope you get something for it coz it does cane sometimes.
You’re doctor should be able to help.

1 week ago


Yep, sounds like it. It shouldn’t last very long – it kind of fades away, although everyone is different. @highlander is correct in saying you need to contact your GP. If you do get Baclofen, getting the dosage right is trial and error – too much you go all floppy, too little you don’t get much relief. Check the search feature top left. If you enter Baclofen, you’ll find tons of previous posts that you can read through.

Good luck and hope it’s over quickly for you.


1 week ago

How long does the hug normally last? The two incidents I’ve had this week were about 30 minutes each, but I’m currently experiencing similar discomfort and that’s now been going for about two hours.

1 week ago

@systemerror, (love the user name) I think I just had my first “MS hug” myself, but I agree, the descriptions are so vague it’s hard to tell. I had insane, gripping, intense, horrid pain across my low back and slightly into the front. I could barely breath it hurt so much. It lasted about 24 hours. I think it’s the infamous hug, but I’m not sure. Could it in theory be a severe muscle spasm not a neurological source? Don’t know if this helps you. 🤔

1 week ago

You fit the bill as well.
Stretching exercises helps sometimes as well.
Like when you go to the gym.
Normal pain meds like you get from the chemist won’t shift it .
Speak to your doctor.
And keep smiling 😀

1 week ago

Yep, totally agree, @highlander, I’m big into stretching and PT, too. And I’m not a pain med person, as me and pain generally have an understanding. 😏

1 week ago

For me it could go be on and off most of the night.
Then as if by magic it’s gone…..
But try and stretch if you can.

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