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How you all keepin?


I’m have a relapse because of my amalgam removals .
How long does it take , when will numbness go walking properly and my bits back to Normal .
Not been around much as I’ve been on the high dose steroids for 5 days , when is recovery insight lol !

Does anyone else feel like crap on steroids ? I have and it’s thrown my body out and hormones ! Nightmare lol
I still am trying to work out the secrets or hacks to living with ms ! Not easy .
I notice if I have any argument I immediately feel weak / shakeynerves affected so that’s one is it the same for you lot ?

What makes it better with ms ?
Love and light to you all

Rachael xx

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10 months ago

I did nedve imolant in 2009 got a relapse
In 2013 or 14 i forgot I woke up early next day did toast and tea played playstation was winning cod first time in years
But felt dozy suddenly i layed on bed was hit summer so sunny but i was shaking it was like i was freeIng but i wasnt my boxy was simply shaking then i felt sick high fever then i threw yo every thing in my tongue
My flat partner called immbullance i couldnt even left my head then i was hospitilized for 4 days steroids and hardest types of anti biotics they said unknown reason bad fever i was in edinburgh in best hospital in lil france
Thats why i hesisitite before going to dentist it was like dead
It was white implant it has a name i forgot

And about anger since before MS my body jumps i cant get normal anger i just get raging furious then i feel numb lose ability to know what i say relapse right after

Steroids used to make so active confident because it used to help me gain weight i was a teen looks is what mattered to me snd im skinny by nature but after doze finish its like dont stop i was alive hair thins bones skin goes weird

But now i rather not to use it worried about my kidneys and ny body in general

I hope you recover of your relapse soon
Try to chill avoid thinking deeply
And be safe

10 months ago

Yes steroids make you feel like crap they also make you super hungry Not to mention you retain water that’s why you have to be careful with your sodium levels that’s the most important thing. And when your hungry eat almonds, bananas anything healthy and filling

10 months ago

@rachaellouise , Steroids can lead you on a merry dance, giving you highs and lows, interfering with your sleep, etc.

But, these are all very short term, whilst the Steroids are damping down the inflammation causing the relapse.

You now have to concentrate on resting and relaxing, to allow your body to try and recover the damage that has been caused. In this respect, your brain will be working hard for you, so any other stimulation, e.g. an argument, could lead to an overload.

So rest up, chill out and give your body a chance to fix itself.

10 months ago

Just to add to what @stumbler says, this is where the whole lifestyle question has to come into play. It’s ridiculous that having an argument can worsen symptoms! But that’s exactly what the MS can do. With me, the effects of stress can turn on symptoms in a matter of minutes and they are as uncontrollable as trying to suppress butterflies in your stomach. So altering lifestyle is something we all just have to do. That might mean changing your friendship groups, your social activities or even your work. As @stumbler says, relaxation is key to letting the brain recover. I also find that exercise works – not sure why it calms things but it does, at least for me. xx

10 months ago

Sorry about spell mistakes i meant i did nerve root in 2009 and in 2013 and big health issues right after each one of them
Be safe

10 months ago

Hi absolutely hate steroids. Was on the for a short period back for the second time. Would rather suffer than take them again. But that’s just me. Hope you pick yourself up.

10 months ago

Thanks everyone – I really appreciate your help and kindness .

How long does it take to get back to normal after a relapse ?
I hate steroids too ! They are shit and high dose ! @andyturner

That’s true with stress @cameron – I can’t even have an argument now lol slightest feeling of stress makes me vunerable so it’s like I have to lessen it as much as possible in life to live ! My brain gets overloaded

@simmysaje – I’m more hungry !!i eat what I call reasonably healthy and have been eating a bit more of the healthy stuff !

@nutshell88 – how do you avoid thinking deeply ! It’s in my makeup a bit that !
I try meditation maybe keep at it with that I’ve really had a lot of time to think and reflect lol
Changes in store !! MS is really challenging to manage !
How are you after your MRI ? You any better ?

@stumbler – your right in everyway I can think of !
I’m so used to 100 mile anhour lifestyle but it doesn’t suit this MS ! Changes !
How are you stumbler ? What you been upto ?

Rachael. X

10 months ago

@rachaellouise yes, steroids can make you feel ‘high’ up and very upbeat, but come off them slowly so as not to crash too hard. I had 6 days of steroids back in March, the doc prescribed an evening sleeping pill for the length of treatment. I had numbness starting in my toes and within five weeks up to my waist. It took about 4 weeks after beginning streroids to recede back to my feet. Six months on and I still have numb toes, some pins and needles in my feet, but walking fine.

Try to do meditation daily, deep breathing, if anyone pushes your buttons, walk away, or take ten deep breaths before responding. Let your family and friends know you refuse to get stressed out or join in arguments. MS is the perfect reason to let go of unwanted stuff, situations, relationships, attitudes, habits, etc.
Feel better soon, in mind and body!

10 months ago

You’re right its too hard to avoid thinking about this MS
Specialy for a stubborn like me i hate surrendering to any aspect my mind is refusing
Anyway yeah after the MRI I had a relapse in my leg went to a greedy physio
Made my condition worse then i practiced the same excersises my retired physio was doing with me at home
Got better
Then i got bladder problem went to a bladder specialist rejected his solutions silently
I had insomnea that night
Went downstairs drank uncountable bottle of water
Then i recovered since that night

I hope you feel better my friend asap
Love n kisses 😘 Reem

10 months ago

@rachellouise you aren’t going through anything we haven’t been through, said, done ourselves, you are not alone. We’re all here for you, follow all this good advice fron all these lovely msers, don’t worry about it, you will get over it, eventually😂

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