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How to decide on switching meds?

Hi everyone, haven’t been here for a while. But well, here is MS again so I’m back 🙂 For the last 4 years I’ve been taking Gilenya. I’m not suffering from side effects, so I wasn’t complaining. Today I had the results from my check up MRI and turns out I have 2 new, inactive, legions over the last 1,5 years. Now the question is if I want to change my medication to something stronger (tysabri, mavenclad or ocrevus). I had a long conversation with my neurologist. She advices me to stay on gilenya, cause I don’t have any new fysical symptomes. But I’m worrying cause I think my MS is not stable enough, I just was lucky I had legions on spots in my brain that didn’t give new symptomes. Seems like we disagree on this, so I don’t know if I better follow my guts/fear of getting worse or I follow my neurologist, as my parter would do. Any ideas on the matter or thinks I have to consider? I have no clue on how to decide….

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8 months ago

@buitenmus , I can see your Neuro’s point of view. There is a risk that between stopping Gilenya and starting the next DMT, you could incur some relapse damage.

But, there is also your view that you want to retain your health by adopting the best and most effective therapy.

You have to continue doing your research, weigh up the risks and then make your choice.

8 months ago

True stay with what your dr. Is telling you get your self self help video and start watching over over to inbody a NO FEAR attitude cuz over worries is hard on your head heart gut !!! Seriously fear will beat you up !!! Be calm breath in out in out you can do this !!! Blessings to you Lisa

8 months ago

No quick answers but I’m wondering if you follow the Barts MS daily blog. There is extensive info not only on each drug but also on MS conundrums such as you describe. Prof Giovannoni and his team give real-life examples from their clinic practice. Ongoing reading of this blog might give you some different perspectives.

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