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I have been off meds for 1 year, but now I am have excruciating pain in my arms and numbness in my feet. Before I tried diet I was on techfidera, but it gave me cog fog and not much relief of symptoms. What meds is everyone on? How do you feel on them? Thanks!

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6 months ago

@kim77 , wow, that’s a pretty broad question.

The thing about Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs) is that they try and reduce the frequency and severity of future relapses. They do not address any existing damage or symptoms.

Some of the more recent DMTs reset the immune system to avoid future damage that way. And, it is conceivable that existing damage can be recovered, if you have the capacity to do so.

6 months ago

@ stumbler thanks for your reply. I understand how the meds are there to stop or slow progression, but the side effects of techfidera made me not feel like myself. Following the Wahls Protocol diet has helped immensely, and my MRI showed diminishing lesions. All was great until now. I am feeling awful. My dr warned me that diet alone wasnt enough, but I guess I had to learn for myself. I wanted to hear of people’s experiences with different meds. How are the side effects? Ocrivo or Gylenia are the two contenders for me right now.

6 months ago

Kim77, I do not pretend to know or understand these drugs, I to was on Tecfidera and there were problems so I came off everything except CBD oil and up to recently I have been fine and thought about looking into, as they all seem to refer to DMTs, and I am back to thinking of increasing my CBD as the negatives far out way the benefits, I know there will be people screaming at me for this, we will see. I try to go through life with MS and a blog has helped explain where I am and to those that do not have MS it gives an insight. I hope you get something sorted but as I say read the + and the – of what your recommended and my contact details are listed so call if you need a chat

6 months ago

@kim77 , Gilenya and Ocrevus are different types of DMTs. Gilenya is a “maintenance therapy”, taken regularly. And Ocrevus is an “Immune Reconstitution Therapy”, which resets the immune system and is taken less regularly.

I have added a Gilenya and Ocrevus tag to the bottom of your original post above. Selecting either tag will locate previous discussions on these two treatments.

6 months ago

i have been on Gilenya for the past 5 years. Along with a healthy diet and workouts, it has been working for me. Good luck

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