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Hi all
was diagnosed in the summer so very early days for me, was wondering if anyone has experience of their employers trying to push them out.
i’m doing alright so far (touch wood) no major health issues to deal with but have got wind of my employers looking into their rights regarding my employment, they have been trying to get rid of me for awhile now (well one nasty piece of work has been the instigator) and now i hear they have been thinking of using my ms as an excuse. i know when it comes to my ms i have rights but just wondered if there were anybody out there who has experience of employers finding loopholes.

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3 months ago

@marcp , this is a troubling situation. You are right, there is legislation, the Equality Act 2010, which governs what your employers should do. What they actually do is another question!

You need to familiarise yourself with the protection afforded by this legislation. Here’s a good place to start :-

You should also appraise your Union of the situation. If you’re not a Union member, now may be a good time to join.

Start keeping a record of anything that occurs which you feel threatens your continued employment. And make sure your conduct is whiter than white and your performance is above average.

Employers can make your position untenable, which may give rise to a case of “constructive dismissal”. This can be difficult as it’s your word against theirs.

What you can’t do is allow this situation to damage your health. MS is for life, so you need to limit any damage caused as best you can. If things get too bad for you, consider enlisting the help of your GP. Getting signed off will frustrate their attempts to remove you and will force them to consider alternative strategies, which are more in your favour.

3 months ago

thanks for your help

2 months ago

Hi there. If you want to stay at your job, you are protected. It just depends on whether you advocate for yourself. I am one, who did not, and I was targeted. I had an exemplary work record for 14 years, but after my supervisor found out I had MS, She “audited” me on a regular basis to the point where I went on medical leave, and I didn’t go back. I didn’t know that my supervisor could not even ask me what medical condition I had, and that they were responsible for providing a reasonable accommodation. Self advocate and know your rights. Good luck!

2 months ago

Thanks mate

2 months ago

@marcp I’m in the US so not familiar with your rights or laws but I was similarly targeted by a manager and effectively pushed out at a convenient time when the company was having layoffs. There are legal avenues for me to pursue that I am considering. I hadn’t disclosed my MS to my manager as I had no trust in her whatsoever but did tell my HR manager right before dismissal and of course the company knew that I had MS as I had to declare all drugs I was on when I took the blood test back in 2012 when I was hired and Copaxone is only used to treat one thing!

At a meeting reviewing unemployment eligibility when I mentioned that having some visible disability (using a walking stick to get in and out of interviews) I think affected companies decisions to hire me as a business analyst (where you only have to walk to get into the building and to meetings) the person leading the Unemployment Compensation meeting said that I should contact the DVR – Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. This could help me apply for disability insurance in the future so was a good meeting for me to go to at this point and apparently they sometimes pay for equipment or training that I may need to get into a new job as well. For example they may pay for my FES device to cover my foot drop so I can interview and work without a walking stick.

My old company also has a “disability board” that I can contact or appeal to and I may try that route as well. If I claimed Disability when I was in the company they would have paid 70% of my salary for a period of time so it was in their best interest to get me gone before that. There are legal avenues outside the company as well and hoards of lawyers that would pick up and push my case.

I am still looking for and pushing for a new job but only giving that another month or so before I switch my energy into pushing for disability as I’ve been interviewing but not getting the offers.

Good luck- look into and know your rights – this is a battle many of have faced or are in the middle of.

2 months ago

Looks like you’ve been through it good luck to you too

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