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Do emotions effect symptoms ?

Hi, first time I have posted but am having tough day. Am 50 but don’t like to think I look it or feel it, in my head at least. Diagnosed rrms in Jan this year (2020). It was actually good to have reason for so many things gone wrong with my health over many years. Am generally not too bad, bladder issues aside (atonic bladder, which at least I now have answers as to why), It no longer affects any part of my life as finally managed). I get pins and needles, dizziness, and pain, but have for years and have so far managed to ‘get on with it’. Sometimes the migraines and or fatigue floor me though admittedly. I am on nitrofurantoin to keep uti at bay and citalopram to control depression. I tried amitriptyline but couldn’t manage my workload for the fuzziness. I am now on Gabapentin, so far on 200mg 4 times a day, to be increased up to ?? Today I am struggling with unusual tearfulness, and symptoms worse than ever (clumsy, bit dizzy, slightly dodgy eyesight, numbness in fingers, and feel internal tremor). I guess my question is can being emotional cause worse symptoms ? Sorry for long post, just thought history may be needed. Thanks in advance x laa x

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2 months ago

Hi i find when I’m unset my symptoms get much worse but it’s difficult not too at times with this unpredictable disease

2 months ago

I find with me emotions do exacerbate symptoms. I find Yoga and meditation help with this.
Take care and just remember MS is a very steep learning curve!

2 months ago

Hello @laaa, without a doubt, emotions and particularly stress affect our MS. You could start by looking here:

If I am unsettled or worried about something, I go for my daily walk and find I can hardly walk sometimes; that’s not the MS, it’s the stress that gets in the way. You are newly diagnosed; even though you’re managing, believe me, it can take up to a year to get used to the idea. Also, your body is adjusting and trying to make sense of it too. You need to go easy on yourself at this time, and take all the offers of help and support you can. Oh, and not to mention getting diagnosed in the middle of the Covid crisis; by the way, my neurologist told me that every one of her patients has reported a ‘worsening of symptom’ since March, which again, is rooted in anxiety. Good luck, keep going, you’ll be fine 🙂

2 months ago

Thanks for replies. I do feel a little better today. I just have to not let it spiral, as I become aware of symptoms, then stress about them and potential future, which just seems to make things worse. Lockdown did make things far worse, due to less movement more than anything I think. I got so sore and stiff. Working from home stuck at computer 8hrs a day just didn’t work for me. After chat with my neuro I took a week off, and then reduced my hours. I am trying to move more as I can tell how that effects me now. Just got to try and stick to new reduced hours .as it seems working from home means everybody expects you to be available all day everyday so am working the same (if not more) for less money (stress !). Hey ho for now I shouldn’t complain I must be doing ok, most people around me have no idea I have MS. I am fine the majority of time, and know there are many worse off. Have a good day all, stay safe xx

2 months ago

I’ve seen that the two worst things for progression are stress and lack of quality sleep and I find many times for me they go together! and usually when life goes haywire my diet is a mess and I’m not exercising like I should so I really get out of whack. Then I need to refocus and clear my life a bit to focus on me…I think I have my priorities straightened out now and am looking for a new job that will let me primarily work from home as before I was spending too much time commuting to a job that wanted me to spend too many hours in the office.

MS (and many of our DMTs) come with side effects that will result in depression and anxiety so we need to do all we can to set ourselves up for success…I try to follow the recommendations Dr Boster has for diet (real food), exercise and DMTs/medications. I’ve learned a lot from his channel- This is his “4 for 4” recommendations-

Good luck!

2 months ago

@laaa Yes emotions affect our symptoms. You don’t mention if you are on any Disease Modifying Drug.
If you are on one and are having a relapse perhaps you need to contact your MS tea,.
You mention that most people around you have no idea that you have MS. What a strain that puts on you. Does your work manager, occupational health know? Maybe they need to. At the moment sounds like you could do with being signed off sick for a while. Just a thought – with the benefit of hindsight ! ;-( Rest, rest and more rest is my prescription.

Hope you feel better soon.

2 months ago

@laaa I too, am a 50 year old who was diagnosed this Jan with RRMS after a multi focal relapse. I had no clue that’s what was making me so ill and luckily ended up in hospital for a week with more tests than I can remember! The upshot was a 90% confirmed diagnosis within the week.
I have to say, the emotional incontinence I’ve had for months (honestly, couldn’t open a tin of beans without balling) has finally subsided with the help of my GP prescribing anti-depressants and understanding that it is a crappy side effect of the drugs (I’m on Plegridy) I feel almost normal at the moment after months and months of symptoms coming and going and the whole lockdown thing being a double edged sword. It will pass like every storm does. I’ve learned its as much a mental battle as a physical one. I got 3 bits of advise from my MS Nurses which have helped me rationalise it:
‘Remember, you have MS, MS does not have you’
‘MS can be as big or as small a part of your life as you allow it to be’#
‘MS is different for each person. Don’t compare yourself. It’s your own journey’
I just look forward to the day I wake up and it isn’t the first thing I think of!
Best of luck, I really hope you start to feel there is light at the end of the tunnel soon x

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