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Hi guys,
Just wondering if anyone sticks to a specific diet for example cutting out sugar/ bad carbs.
Have you found that eating well improves symptoms or reduces new lesions?
Iโ€™m newly diagnosed and wondering how strict I need to be with my diet as itโ€™s pretty poor at the moment.

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6 months ago

Gem, until you find out what is wrong it is hard to say, but what I know from Personal experience is that certain foods trigger my MS, pizza, creamy stuff in fact a lot that I enjoy. Your consultant will give you an idea and no doubt a stream of people will be on here offering words of wisdom, just take it easy and get some results has my contact details if you are concerned and there is general int=formation about living with MS

6 months ago


To be honest I’ve never had any info regarding MS and Diet given to me, so my diet hasn’t changed at all apart from noticing I eat a little less now than I used to, plays havoc with m,y T1 Diabetes.

Just eat healthily and regularly is all I can say.

6 months ago

@gemben I have tried them all:
Started with the Overcoming MS “Lifestyle” which is vegan plus fish and plenty of exercise, meditation and vitamin D.
Moved on to the Swank diet as I missed red meat and just ate lean protein minimal saturated fat.
Then switched to the Wahls diet which was much more manageable but a lot of vegetables (had to make smoothies every day to reach the vege intake… making spinach smoothies every day is a pain in the ass) and it’s expensive to source organic grass fed beef (plus eating liver once a week was pretty horrible)
Then switched to Keto as my mother wouldn’t shut up about how good it was for MS and could cure everything etc etc.

Now I just eat a sensible diet and exercise daily for at least 40 – 80 mins.

To be honest MS made me feel helpless and out of control. I think the whole diet thing gave me a feeling of control so it was a great psychological boost when i was newly diagnosed. After a few years of diets however you reach an acceptance of MS and start to not give a sh*t about what you eat.

For what it is worth my Neuro gave a conference talk about MS and diets. His opinion is that diets wont do anything to halt or slow MS progression. The only one that has a sliver of scientific backing is Swanks diet but even then it is a stretch in his opinion.

His advice is just enjoy life and food in moderation. Get plenty of sleep, stay moving and avoid stress.

Eating well and exercising (if you can) has never hurt anyone.

6 months ago

I’ve tried keto made me feel great less inflammation but hard to maintain. as I type this my back is hurting and I know it’s down to foods I’ve eaten.

Gmo junk foods etc make me feel sluggish there’s no nutritional value. but it’s expensive to eat healthy. I had mac ds yesterday ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜‚.ive sent of for a bit too see what I’m intolerant to so I can at least eliminate some foods and heal a bit.

6 months ago

Thank you for the reply guys youโ€™ve been very helpful

6 months ago

@gemben, I had eaten super healthy for years and year before MS, so if anyone tells me poor diets cause MS or healthy eating cures MS I have to slug them. ๐Ÿ™„
Having said that, I find a high protein, low carb diet makes me feel better than any other way of eating. But like @cammo said, with following a certain diet, there is a sense of having control over something we really donโ€™t by and large control.
In the end, eat healthy and in a way that works and tastes good for your likes and dislikes!

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