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Deciding on DMDs

I just had my first appointment today following diagnosis. Discussed with my doctor about different disease modifying drugs. He has recommended either Brabio or Tecfidera.

Really unsure what to go for. Probably looking to try for a baby in 18 months – 2 years so pregnancy not an issue just yet.

Obviously doing my own reading too but just wondered what other people’s experiences of these are? Or if anyone had any advice? Feel like the doctor is keen for me to try Tecfidera, presumably because it is supposed to be more effective.


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4 days ago

Hello @steph_burnage, this dilemma is a tough one to which there is no perfect guidance or advice. When I was diagnosed, I wanted someone to tell me which to opt for, as all of the DMD were presented as open to me. My hospital didn’t do that though, it had to be individual choice. I decided I would go for the one which least affected my lifestyle, which was Tecfidera. My research horrified me as it was full of stories of vicious gastric side effects but I took the plunge, was very careful and it worked out all right with me, no problems.

In your case, I would say that plans for pregnancy, even in a few years, should inform your choice. If you are going nicely on a DMD then decide to switch to one which is compatible with trying for pregnancy, it might disrupt the status quo a bit. For example, there might be a ‘cooling off’ period where you’re not taking anything at all. Or, the new DMD you switch to might not suit you, or be as effective as the first. I’m not An expert or advisor, but based on what you say, the fact that you are planning children in the future should inform which you take now. For example, what if you have a happy accident and get pregnant on an unsuitable DMD?

Good luck with your choice, there is lots of support on here for you x

3 days ago

Hello @steph_burnage!

I am in exactly the same position and I have chosen Tecfidera. Initially I thought I would go for copaxone (same drug as Brabio I believe) as it’s safe in pregnancy and, like you, I am planning to try for a baby in around 2 years time! However after speaking with my MS nurse about it all and doing a lot of my own research I changed my mind. The way I’ve come to see it, babies are while in the future and I may as well spend the next two years on a more effective DMT and then when I’m ready to conceive I can take a break or switch to copaxone. I was also keen to avoid injectables for practicality reasons! I was recommended by my neurologist to start Tecfidera or Aubagio and in the end I’ve decided on Tecfidera because Aubagio is known to be unsafe in pregnancy and takes 2 years to leave your system whereas Tecfidera leaves your system after only around a month.

It is a really difficult choice though and I completely understand where you’re coming from, it felt like the weight of the decision was on my shoulders and all the information out there is a minefield! I think you should choose the drug that is right for you based on your lifestyle and you own research. I felt much better once I’d made the decision and am just waiting for my delivery now – I just want to get started!

Good luck with your decision and feel free to PM me if you want to chat any more!!

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