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I got ms when I was 16, couldn’t work or do pretty much anything for the first few years and was really depressed. 10 years later I have no career, and would like to do college to do something with myself. My condition is stable, thanks in most part to Tysabri for around 7 years and Lemtrada for 3, my depression is definitely a lot better, mostly I get anxious. What is good options for me, bearing in mind I’m already on my 10, almost 11 year of having the disease. I genuinely have zero skills and need to do something with myself. All opinions are welcome and gratefully received.

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6 months ago

Hi 👋🏻 it’s great that you’re looking to pursue college study 😊 you can do any subject you’re interested in from home with the Open University! You should have a look, I’m sure there would be something you’re interested in.

6 months ago

@gildedgemini , how does your MS affect you? If you’re mobile, then your local library would contain information about what adult education is available in your area.

Start slowly with basic stuff, see what you enjoy and progress from there.

6 months ago

Hi there
I had RRMS since age 17 2004
finished uni 2011 had rebef years urs brfore graduation was extremly depressed with it.
stopped it and traveled to scotland to lesrn English I was alone Saudi girl. finished sfter 2 yrs snd half ESCOL FCE volunteered at citizens advice sy the same time
returned to saudi i was jobless fee yrs yhen found an office job 2028 October started my new treatment i still tale it gilenynow I think of applying for a new job on Aramco.

life must continue we only have MS during relapses. other than that its dimply life as it is 😉 good luck never stop moving forward for your future

6 months ago

Hello and welcome @gildedgemini and welcome. Your profile doesn’t say where you are. But as @keepsmyelin99 has noted, I am a massive fan of Open University. They do free introductory courses at different levels and interests, some are free. Have a look!

6 months ago

Bless you sweetheart i Love to read this my name is Lisa i to got diagnosed with MS but mine was age 52 im currently 62 so i get what your pursuit to improve
Awesome my oldest sister leslie she was 19 -20 years of age this MS not for sissy i love to hear about your Journey go to
School do it !!! Bless you sweets lisa 👍💪

6 months ago

Thank you. I’m based in the uk, so there is lots of options open to me education wise. It’s more that I’m worried about starting something and then doing it only to find out in a few years time that it’s not going to work well with my ms. I dont want to get it wrong, as I’m already 27 and I dont know what I’ll be like in 10 years or 5. Think it’s more fear if anything now. Thank you for all of your suggestions, I’m having a look around just now, and I really appreciate it xx

6 months ago

Good for you ! Definitely get some education under your belt! Great you’re on Tysabri! I was too for 6.5 years til antibodies for PML virus popped up! Sadly I had to stop and get on Tecfidera an oral med. It’s not as wonderful as Tysabri was…..i could do everything when on it. Except go outside in 90 degree heat! Tecfidera keeps me in remission so I can’t complain,! Good luck to you!

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