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Brainstem relapse help please ?

Hi everyone,

I have just read something about brainstem lesion.
In 2018 before I started any treatment, I had a brainstem relapse that caused numbness on face and tongue, and reduced hearing.
I am quite worried about this, as I believe if you have a
relapse in that area, it is a part of the brain you don’t want ms to attack.
I have rrms been diagnosed since 2010.

Any help please ?

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1 month ago

@ncm22 , MS is unpredictable and indiscriminate. It has a lot of brain and all the spine to play about with!

But, it is what it is so we have to try not to worry about it. Worry won’t help the situation. In fact, it could make it worse! Don’t spend your life worrying about something that might not happen. If it did happen, you’d have to go through all the pain twice!

You’re on a treatment to reduce the possibility of relapses, so live your life (sensibly), eat healthily, exercise moderately and avoid stress. 😉

1 month ago

Agree with Stumbler (as always 😉 the worst things you can do with MS is stress and lack of sleep 😉 eating well and exercising are very important as well as taking your DMT, Vitamin D, hydration and not smoking.

That said anything that impacts your “neurological reserve” (like stress or lack of sleep) could call back previous symptoms. And if you know what they are then you know what to be aware of and watch out for. For me it is lack of balance and gait. If they resurface I am in contact with my Neurologist ASAP and we access if I need some help shutting down the symptoms with a steroid.

Basically I don’t want MS to attack me anywhere ;-0 but I don’t really have control of that. I guess that is the main thing MS has taught me. I can do what I can to minimize the chance of a relapse and do all that…that includes stressing about a relapse…but being aware of the signs and honest with myself. I also keep a bit of a journal to keep track that includes any symptoms, severity and how long they last. This also makes me realize when there isn’t really an issue as much as when there is-

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