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anyone on Tysabri??

I was asked to have Tysabri treatment as i was havin 6-8 relapses a yr n a few very disablin ones, was told if i dont have treatment very soon i wud be in a wheelchair in 2 yrs time, this made me accept my MS after 4 yrs of tryin 2 ignore it! started infusion yday, any1 else on it?

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11 years ago

Hi Carrie
I’m on Tysabri, had 4 infusions and all is going well. I’m happier and don’t feel as bad as I did.
I had 3 major and 2 minor relapses in 6 months, made me eligble for Tysabri.
Anyway I’m feeling more positive about myself and life. I know some people are scared about PML but it has been further researched, one of the main problems was that meds were being mixed, Avonex and Tysabri or Rebif and Tysabri etc. Anyone on Tysabri cannot be on any other MS injections.
I know several MS suffers who are also on Tysabri and all of them appear to be holding relapses off. Good luck with the infusions. If you want to chat at all I’m also on Facebook or you can email me.
Rachel xx

10 years ago

I’ve just returned from seeing my new neurologist and he thinks that the rebif is not working for me anymore as I have had a number of relapses this year, including at the moment. He wants me to go on Tysabri but warned me of potential side effects which sound pretty scary to me. Can anyone offer an opinion on Tysabri?

10 years ago

My neurologist is thinking about changing me to that but i am not to sure had an MRI today to see if there is any changes i hope there is not i am happy the way i am.

10 years ago

Hi Carrie, i’m on Tysabri, i had my 12th infusion last Wednesday. That’s pretty much a year and no relapse. Pretty good as i was the same as you before treatment and had 5 severe relapses in 6 months and i was left pretty much immobile. I’m now back walking and life’s pretty much normal (minus the high heels and dancing!). I really hope it works out for you and you feel the benefits soon. Try to stay positive and focus on your improvements, good luck. Feel free to get in touch, Cat xxx

9 years ago

Hi I’m Diana and have been on Tysabri for 3 1/2 years now. Have not had one relapse since on it however my mobility is steadily getting worse. I beleive its a very good option from what is available as dmds. Good luck!!! x

9 years ago

Hiya, I’m new to this site, but I’ve been on Tysabri for the last 2 years (had my 24th infusion this week). Like you I was having approx 8 relapses a year before starting the Tysabri. Copaxone and Rebif didn’t work for me, but, since starting the Tysabri, I’ve not had a single relapse. I almost kind of expected to have one in January 2010 as I badly broke my ankle in the snow, and then 2 weeks later had a sezure, and I thought the stress of having to use a zimmer frame at the age of 30 ( very poor balance and crutches just wasn’t an option) and having my driving licence taken from me for a year would be enough to kick start a stress related relapse, but nope, nothing at all! 🙂
It’s the best decision I ever made! Good Luck with it! 🙂

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