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My Sclerosis


Natalie shows up late to her date. Don't worry, she's fine. 'MySclerosis' looks at how Multiple Sclerosis affects day-to-day life, told through the lens of Stash Capar, a film director who’s living with MS 📽️ If you don't talk about MS, it can be hard to know what your dealing with😖 It's ok to not be ok. Talk about it 💬 Stash opened up about his experiences of MS. He made a film to show others how MS affects day to day life, based on his own experiences🎞️

This compelling film highlights the daily struggles people living with MS go through, and the impact that this has on relationships and everyday routine - tasks that many people without MS take for granted. We’ve all told people we’re “fine” when we are not and know it’s sometimes difficult to share what’s really going on. Stash’s compelling short film allows people an insight into everyday life with MS and to let people know that it’s OK not to be “fine”.

How does MS affect your day-to-day? Please help us get Stash's film out there by sharing your experiences on the Shift.ms forum. 💚  We're so excited share Stash's film with you. Watch. Enjoy.

“My Sclerosis” was written, directed and produced by Stash Capar. Stash is a Polish-Canadian film director, based in Toronto, Canada. Stash was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011 and had a few very rough years early on, but slowly, through trial and error, found his own way of managing his MS.

Starring: Sarah Mercey and Christef DesirWritten & Directed by Stash CaparProducer: Mikhail PetgraveCinematographer: Evan CinielloEditor: Dave De Carlo (Rooster Post)Music and Sound Design: Jochen Mader (Zenthing)Colour: Andrew Exworth (The Vanity)1st AC: Steele FernandesKey Grip: Greg ParaskovGaffer: Cody EasonArt Dept: Lachlan BrownMake-up: Ray AllisonSound Mixer: Kendra WelhamProducer Assist: Elise ArdizziPA: Peter Badleo, Ryan O'Hare#MySclerosis #Shiftms #TalkAboutMS