Ahead of World MS Day 2020 and in line with the #MSconnections theme we’re launching our latest web series ‘Family Matters’👨‍👨‍👧‍👦.
Family Matters is a new short film series that aims to capture the value of an MSer’s close support network and the impacts that diagnosis can have on relationships.



When Daniel was 15 years-old he woke up one morning unable to see or walk. He was one of the few people with MS to have symptoms develop suddenly and aggressively, which left him feeling beyond terrified. Daniel’s story is one of extremes, but within it is a story that we hope every MSer can identify with in their own MS journey.


In sharing Daniel’s story, Family Matters demonstrates how crucial support networks are to people living with MS, the importance of the relationships around us and how they can contribute to positive change.


This film deep dives into what that change caused and highlights how Daniel felt cut off from the world. His life was living dependent on his parents and Daniel describes himself feeling lost as he was also struggling with his sexuality.


This film shows how gaining independence helped Daniel gain confidence with his MS and sexuality. It shows how adapting to the change and having his independence has left him in a much more positive place.




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