2023 Impact Report


The past 12 months has been a thrilling period of growth for Shift.ms. 

Our community has welcomed over 11,000 new members, making Shift.ms a dynamic ecosystem of well over 55,000 MSers. Every new member brings their own story of MS and contributes to the deepening well of lived experience within Shift.ms.Together they have created a connected and supportive environment, with 86% of members feeling supported and encouraged by their peers.

Our commitment to elevating the voice of MSers is evident in our achievements. We've launched three successful video series with over 3 million views, introduced member polls and website developments, and collaborated with 256 MSers who have dedicated over 2,180 hours.

Additionally, we're delighted to announce that a bespoke Shift.ms mobile app is in the works, set to launch in spring 2024.

None of this progress would have been possible without the unwavering support of our corporate and trust and foundation partners, as well as individual supporters and fundraisers who share our vision of improving the lives of MSers.

Shift.ms is powered by MSers at every level of the organisation. I’m so proud of the continued collaboration of our staff team, trustees and volunteers, who work tirelessly to create and sustain a safe space for MSers to connect and learn from each other.  

In the upcoming year, Shift.ms will evolve into a multi-platform 
product, providing more opportunities for connection, a deeper pool of knowledge and resources, and support at every MSer's fingertips.

With excitement and anticipation, we look forward to witnessing our community's continued growth and impact.

- George Pepper, co-founder and fellow MSer

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