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Symptoms but no diagnosis

Hi everyone My first MS symptom was an episode of optic neurits at the end of last year. It lasted for 6 weeks before it began to clear and an MRI showed lesions on my brain. I had a lumbur puncture and that was clear, however, since I have continued to have weakness in my arms, and legs, particularly down the right side, dizziness, extreme tiredness and tingling in my head and often down the right side of my body too. I have had another MRI since and that has shown no progression in the lesions but I am due to have another next week on my spine. Has anyone had a negative lumbar puncture but continued to have symptoms? Is there another way of getting a potential diagnosis? I know in my gut there is something going on in my body but it's a fight to find out what that is and it's a fight I'm not sure I have. Has anybody been in a similar situation? Thank you ❤️

I feel your pain in a similar way. I'm very slowly going through the process of trying to get a diagnosis for the problems I am having. My initial MRI was actually looking for a potential acoustic neuroma. I'm now waiting for neurology to discuss getting more scans to look for signs of MS. I have seen every department who say my eyes are perfect even though I can barely see, my ears are fine even though they ring all day and my balance systems are fine even though I'm constantly swaying. The other doctors just scratch their heads about the muscular pain, numbness etc and basically expect me to just go to a private physio for that. I feel like I'm talking another language to them when I clearly point out all the symptoms I have which match all the symptoms of MS and ask to be tested for them. I just want to know if it is or isn't. It was the same battle for my autism assesment and more recently for my son's allergy assesment. I hope you get some clarity soon. Stay strong and keep pushing them.


Thank you Adam, I hope you get answers soon too ❤️