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Post Ocrevus treatment

I had my first Ocrevus half dose on Thursday and was fine during the infusion and for a few hours after. That evening, I had a headache and for the next morning also. Now, I have a cold. Is this all normal? Has anyone else felt the same? I wish I had been given more info post infusion.

I’ve heard of other people having a headache - I remember one saying that she aggressively hydrated before and during infusion to try to avoid it. The cold is just one of those things. If you only had your infusion on Thurs, you were already incubating it. You have plenty of antibodies from previous colds so they should do their job and take care of it for you! Just do a lateral flow and check it isn’t covid in which case you may qualify for antivirals.


When I had my first infusion of Ocrevus, it was a fair bit strange as in the sudden headache for a couple of hours, which came back the next morning. I had something else too which I don’t know wether it is common or not and that was confusing thoughts in my mind. When I was going through the infusion, we obviously had the continuous Covid jabs which I wouldn’t know if it made an interference with the treatment. I have a bit more I could add, but nothing concerning or unusual. I will not be going to Kasimpta any time soon as Ocrevus seems to be working for me as I’ve not had a single relapse or flare up since. I wish you the very best in your treatment and you look forward to your upcoming ones like I do.