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It's ms awareness week!!

I think it is overseas anyway, it's all over my Instagram, I've been away and went to the canery islands still managed to catch a cold but my chronic pain was reduced, as I wasn't working,school runs chores cooking. Basically been a headless chicken. Was nice to relax as much as you can with 2 children!! Hope your all smiling at one point today and happy ms week!!

@supermum1983 glad you had a good hol, jealous cos bad weather has just kicked in, but it is still only March! I will try and celebrate ms week at the Physiotherapists on Friday. Had to go to have my first microwave on a verucca yesterday, (NHS doesn't deal with them at all any more, even if you have ms, so have had to pay to hope I can walk a bit this summer ) going to be poorer cos I've had to pay £300, and live on benefits so have had to borrow it, bit cross really, but hey I'm still here, still fighting, long may it continue.😜🥊


@grandma not been away since 2011 so long over due, sorry to here that have you tried getting an grant from ms society? I think they just need a letter from a doctor or ms nurse I'm thinking of applying for one, the mattress aboard was very hard but I felt better sleeping on it but now all my aches and pains have crept back.