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Post lumbar puncture effects

Hi again everyone, I posted earlier in the week after my lumbar puncture. It seemed to go OK, but a day or two after, I had the most horrendous headaches and back pain. That seems to have mostly sorted itself out now, although I am still having to take things easy as I have some residual nausea and generally yucky feeling. What I am most worried about (forgive me, I’m not usually such a hypochondriac!) is that in the last two days, the bottoms of my feet and legs are starting to feel a bit numb. I’ve still got sensation there, as I have poked myself with a pin/pen nib and can definitely feel it, but it’s just a weird sensation that I’ve not had before. I wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar after a lumbar puncture? My first and only visible relapse was in May this year, so could this be the start of another relapse so soon after the last one? Or is this a common side effect of a lumbar puncture? It seems a bit co-incidental that this should appear just after having a needle poking around my spinal cord/nerves, so my gut is telling me that it’s probably to do with that, rather than a relapse! 🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏

I experienced aide-effects after my lumbar puncture. I could not stand or prolong periods of time. If I tried to I experienced the worst headache I ever had. The doctors told me I had a "slow leak" from the spinal tap and that the headaches were due to my brain not having enough spinal fluid to rest in. I didn't notice any other side effects other than a loss of appetite(which may or may not be related)


I had one also, I ended up with the headache from h3ll. It started that night. I called the Neuro and went back in. They ended up doing a blood patch to stop the leaking. They sit you on the edge of a bed, take blood from your arm and inject it into a site already prepped before they start. It then fills the hole as it clots. It took another 24 hours before the headache was all gone. I'm not signing up for that again. My opinion, it's dark ages procedure. There are so many alternative tools out there. I've had migraines before, this was ten times worse. I hope you feel better. If not call the Neuro. That's his/her job. Best of luck.