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Subdermal port placement

Hi. I'm being treated with Tysabri, and feeling presssured by my hospital to have a subdermal port placed for easier vein access. For reasons of aesthetics, physical comfort, and modesty, I do not want a port placed on my chest, however this is the only location offered by my treatment team. I know chemo ports can be placed on the arm (inner arm?) so would that be something I could arrange to have done for my Tysabri treatments? I'd be willing to pay private costs and travel anywhere in the uk to have it done. Anyone know more about this? Thanks.

@soprano , what is the problem with cannulating you each time? The potential cost of implementing a subdermal port, and the ongoing care, would seem to undermine the financial viability of this approach.


The less experienced nurses sometimes have trouble finding veins on me. The most experienced Sister and the doctors have managed it fine, but some of the others have struggled and recommended I get a port to make it easier to infuse me. I think they've noted in my chart that I've got 'difficult' veins so it starts the session off with everyone a bit apprehensive. I am not squeamish and I don't mind repeated attempts (I really don't want a port) but failing to get the cannula in several times seems to get the nurses stressed out. I'm also a bit concerned that my veins are being made worse by these failed attempts, but I don't complain, as I am trying to avoid a port ;) I try to make sure I'm hydrated and I bring a heat pad to keep my arm warm but now that I have this bad rep as 'hard to cannulate' people are nervous before even starting to try. The stress does get contagious!