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The emotional impact of your MS diagnosis

Cast your mind back to that moment when you were sitting opposite your doctor and told “it’s multiple sclerosis”. Three words that are nothing short of life changing. When we speak to MSers about their diagnosis appointment, it’s clear that how those three words are delivered, and the care that immediately follows, are fundamental milestones in how they view and process their diagnosis in the early days.

MS & trauma. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being not traumatic at all and 5 being extremely traumatic, how would you rate the emotional impact of your MS diagnosis?

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I was sent a letter saying that MRI and lumbar puncture were conclusive with a diagnosis of MS. Your MS nurse will contact you within a month.


I received a phone call from my GP saying the MRI report indicated MS, and then a year later I was officially diagnosed. When my GP told me on the phone I collapsed on the floor. I was devastated. I knew what it meant. 😢