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New treatments question 💊! Have you heard about BTK inhibitors?

A year ago Professor Gavin Giovannoni published a blog about a new group of treatments in development called BTK inhibitors (link in comments). With multiple trials ongoing, Gavin wondered if these treatments could “usher in the next generation of innovative MS treatments”. At the time, the post ignited a lot of conversation so we’re curious to know, one year on, how do you feel about this new line of treatment and what is your take? Complete the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments. If BTK inhibitors are already on your radar, please tell us your source/s – healthcare professionals, friends, other MSers, your own research?

How do you feel about BTK inhibitors – a new line of MS treatments in development?

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Excellent work Gavin but the powers that be will make sure genuine ms sufferers don’t get them unless you pay!!!….the next big cost will be clemastime ,pharmaceutical equals money and greed