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MS Appointments: Who Can You Bring With You? | MSers Explain It All

Are you afraid of not making the most of your doctor appointment? Having someone with you guarantees a second set of ears who can bring up questions you didn’t think to ask. 🙋‍♀️ As the fabulous @HotMesswGrace explains - “It’s great to have somebody there who can hear, clarify, and run things through with you after the fact”. 💯👩‍ Watch the video to level up your next doctor visit, and let us know your own advices in the comments below 👇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SVFCawQ_98&ab_channel=Shift.ms

Great advice.


My mum came with me to my first lot of appointments, and helped me then the neurologist asked me questions that stumped me! We even saw my 1st MRI together, and she was so relieved that I did not have CADASIL (if I did, we would have had to get practically the whole family tested to make sure their NOTCH3 gene wasn't affected!) So, when he told me that day I have CIS MS, a huge sigh of relief was given from us! I went to uni a couple of weeks later, doing a BSc in Adult Nursing! I somehow got through 1st year with no relapses, but 1 year and 2 months later, I had a bad couple of weeks with vertigo and the left side of my face was numb. So, I called up my nursing team, and they quickly got me booked in with my neuro. He did his tests, confirmed I had decreased sensation from my chin to my hairline with a pinprick test, and an MRI. I got a letter sent to my uni house, telling me I had clinically definite relapse-remitting MS, and I was to start my DMT (copaxone). Mum was proud I'd taken control of this when I told her! I'd met my now soon-to-be husband 6 months prior, and I'm happy he's fine taking time off work when I have appointments or get an mri ❤️ he hates being in the same room as me when I do get my mri, but he'll power through with the ear defender/headphones with me, just like my mum did with my 1st MRI 😁 they've both been my rocks, someone to lift me up when I'm feeling down ❤️ mum came with me to my 1st mri simply because she'd attended xrays and CT scans previously, being a past HCA, but she's never been to an mri before so she wanted to see what it's like! Funny thing with that mri though! It was when Katy Perry's Dark Horse was in the hits, and because the radiologist played music through the headphones for us, that was the last song! When we got into the car going back home, the 1st song was Dark Horse, and then when we got back home, because the tv had a music channel on before, when I switched the TV on, what was the 1st song? Ding ding ding! It was Dark Horse. I call it my MRI song now 😂 my other half gets a bit bored when we're in the car, or even the day before my mri, where I play the song through Spotify 🤣 even when I went to hospital in 2021 for a 27 day admission because of a really bad, emergency relapse, I had Dark Horse playing in my head in the mri 🤣 he was always visiting me when he could, to the point where he was nearly on first name bases with the staff on my ward! But, that's enough about me ❤️ I hope everyone here has a reliable person that can take the time to support you ❤️🫂