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Hey i am switching from tecfidera to possibly MAVENCLAD. I havent been able to eat properly due to my schedule so tecfidera is a no go for me now, Is anyone on MAVENCLAD, and if so how are the side effects?

Hi @sarannasky .My doctor just switched to Mavenclad. I had been on Zeposia for the last two years but it didn’t stop my lesions from growing and my symptoms were getting worse. I have just finished the fist 5 days of taking Mavenclad and the only side affect I had was a little nausea for the first day. I don’t like is u can’t take any other medication within or after for three hours before u take the Mavenclad.


Thank you. I hope it wouldn’t cancel out my birth control. Even tylenol and Advil, yo cannot take?