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CBD help in the UK

Hello. I'm having a relapse at the moment - 4 years since my last. I'm on ocrevus.... has anyone relapsed since having it? It's made me feel really sad as I felt like superwoman since having the treatment. I guess it's not a cure though, right! Anyway, I'm waiting on receiving my course of steriods..... (thats another story 🙄) The problem is iv got the WORST neck pain and stiffness from the inflammation, I nearly went to A&E lastnight as I couldn't cope anymore. I had it with my last relapse but not this bad. Iv just drank a NooTropics London coffee that has CBD oil in it (only 5%) but I feel like it's made a slight difference, whether that's my placebo or not, i dont care. I would however like to try a higher dose of CBD, but don't know what dosages are the best or what brands / shops are actually worth buying in the UK. Sorry for the long message, if anyone can help I will be very grateful. Thanks x

I tried CBD and it helped me get off pregablin medication I was struggling with, I now get sativex prescription through my neurologist it’s a cannabiod spray so has CBD and THC so you can feel the effects sometimes - don’t think I’ve ever slept so well without it.


I get ocrevus, I havnt had another relapse, but still suffer from, my symptoms, most days! I get bad, back, and leg, spasms. Cbd, patches helped, alot. Only the cbd, shop that sold them were I am, closed. But the patches are def, worth looking into. I had, energy, will I had them too!