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I have forgotten how to run

I don't really know how to explain this - but I don't know how to physically run or jump any more. My body doesn't seem to know how to do it - does anyone else understand what I mean/has anything similar happened to anyone else. I understand logically that those movements are something you learn as a child - so I guess that the bit of the brain that knows how to do these movements can be disrupted and that knowledge can be 'unlearnt' but it is very very odd - please someone let me know I am not alone ...

I "forgot" how to climb stairs. It was explained to me just that - the electrical impulses from my brain to my leg are disrupted. But you can create new, secondary pathways. There's a whole lot of explanation as to how and why this happens and how the secondary pathways are created, but it will take pages for me to explain it. I have learned about that by research and talking to my doctor and other caregivers. And I know that I still only understand a very tip of that iceberg. At any rate - there is hope. I went to physical therapy where my therapist determined that my hamstring wasn't "firing". The electrical impulses weren't getting there or they were being delayed. So she gave me many exercises that I can do to force it to "fire". And hence, I am creating a secondary pathway. I do these on somewhat of a regular basis - as I feel the need and am able - some are better done standing up, some sitting down, some laying down, etc. As long as I continue to force that muscle to "fire", my brain will maintain that secondary pathway and I can climb stairs. I do hold the railings just in case, but I can climb stairs again. Best wishes to you!


@karen51, thank you so much for sharing that, can i ask did you approach/organise the physical therapist yourself or get referred through gp/neurologist? Thank you