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Coming off steroids - neck pain??

Hi all, I've just finished a five-day course of methylprednisolone for a relapse, it's the first time I've used steroids. They didn't make much difference - I just had a bit more energy but that was offset by not sleeping. Now I've stopped taking them I think I'm experiencing the steroid 'crash' - I feel decidedly odd and very sleepy. But I've also noticed that my neck and shoulder are really sore to the touch. I haven't injured it or anything and it's similar to nerve pain I've had after previous relapses. It's only just started today though, why would that be when the steroids should have damped down the inflammation?

@omega-female , the Steroids do damp down the inflammation, but that will leave damage (scarring) to the Central Nervous System (CNS), which will need to be repaired. Now, the inflammation is out of the way, your body can now get on and attempt the repairs. The Steroids will be helping your body, over the next 6 - 8 weeks, to do this. But, you do need to rest up to allow this to happen. :wink:


Thanks @stumbler. It's really painful! I read that muscle pain can also be a side-effect of methylprednisolone so maybe there's some of that too. Luckily I'm already signed off work, and thinking I will stay off until I hopefully have Lemtrada in June, so that will give me time to recuperate. And then stay off some more to recuperate from the Lemtrada!