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MS Fatigue or Anaemia..??

I have just been to see my MS nurse and asked for a blood test to see if my body is absorbing the Vit D3 5,000 iu supplements I've been taking for almost 8 months.. seems not..I had an appointment with my GP and was told my results came back and I am deficient in Vit D .. last time 8 months ago I was at the low end but not deficient. The range is 50-150 and I think I was 56 last time so low but not under that number. This time I am "36"... how did that happen..?. I also had my Vit B12 checked as last time it too was low but not a worry and this time I am normal (Being a Vegie for 33 years hasn't seemed to cause a problem then.. :-) ) also my Folic is normal (whatever that means..??) and my Calcium is perfectly in the middle (Had Calcium checked as I have developed a "PICA" which is a craving for substances.. for me it is CHALK but you can't eat that so I just pick the lime scale out of my kettle and that seems to quench my cravings for a bit..). So then it was also my Iron which was checked and that is low which maybe the problem causing my PICA...!! So GP told me I am "Anaemic" (pale and interesting sounds more attractive.. ) My Doctor has given me Iron tablets and Vit D3 3,200 iu supplements.. My Dr hopes that with my Iron sorted then I should be more able to absorb Vit D3 even if it is a lower dose than my supplements that I bought over the internet. So now I'm thinking has this last 8 months plus of feeling super knackered been down to me being Anaemic..? or MS fatigue..? Or both..?. How about you..?

Low levels of magnesium can contribute to your body not absorbing Vitamin D efficiently as can steroids if you're on them a lot. Another thing that can contribute is weight, a larger person will need a much higher amount of vitamin D than someone in the 'normal' BMI range. Vitamin D is one of the pesky group that is soluble and absorbed into the system by being absorbed into dietary fat which is then absorbed into the system (dilemma time .... do you take it with butter :-) if the butter makes you fat should you take more but then you'd need more butter :-( hmmm) Roll on summer, free Vitamin D for all as long as you're eating an ice cream :-) xx


Damn, I've been forgetting the ice-cream! lol :lol: