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Keep crying

Hi, The last few days I just keep crying, and feel like I'm going mad. It sounds strange, it started regarding strong anxiety to do with a mri, as on previous post. Now I just keep crying all the time, I have only had two hours sleep the last 2 nights. Is this a relapse, I'm scared what is going on. As i am not usually like that. The doctor increased my amitriptyline to 20mg, doesn't seem to help. Does anyone feel like this ? Thanks for any advise.

Sorry to hear that you’ve been upset. I’m not Amitriptylline long but don’t find it any good and my sensory symptoms worsened since I’ve been on it (10mg) and can’t write with dominant hand at the moment. Sometimes it’s playing around with meds for neuropathic pain. I see Gabpentin is a popular choice now with what seems good results so I’m going to enquire about this next week at my apt. In relation to crying, what is the thing that makes you most happy? Try to be kind to yourself. ❤️ Maybe getting lots of fresh air tomorrow (even if it’s standing in the rain!) listening to music, eating your favourite food or asking for someone you trust to just give you company. Hope you get a better rest tonight


Ok hun just breathe. In for 4, hold for 4 and out for 6 & repeat until ur heart stops thumping. Ur not sleeping properly, ur stressed and ur anxious it’s probably not a relapse just all that multitasking is having an impact. U must be fatigued and that will be impacting ur cognition. I.e it’s all too much and ur bodies weird way of telling u that is the anxiety. U need to find some kind of way to calm down whether that’s having a bath, taking a walk, exercising urself until ur exhausted or drinking a gallon of camomile tea. Anxiety is the minds way of trying to take control and get u to act on what ur scared of. so ur mind is telling ur body to run away or avoid. there is a herbal remedy in tablet form called KALMS they are valerian based so will help but u need to check if u can take them with ur meds ask a pharmacist and if u can take them safely then try & see if they help but u have to go with them u have to try & relax. When ur a bit calmer go to www.myselfhelp.co.uk and there will some exercises that u can do that will help. Take care of urself