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Life insurance

After my MS diagnosis last year I put in a claim with my life / critical illness insurance as advised by my financial advisor. Just had them on the phone asking why I didn't declare my previous optic neuritis. I was never ever told I had ON, even during hospital visits to look at 'funny' vision. It wasn't blurred, just odd and they told me there wasn't an issue. So many years on, I didn't declare it on my insurance application. Now they're telling me that my GP medical notes state that I was diagnosed with ON back in 2003. That is not at all what I was told, and it wasn't mentioned at all. In fact, my Neurologist obviously couldn't see that on my medical records as he ordered tests very recently to see if it had been ON (whatever that test is called) and he told me v recently (after my claim had gone in) that it had been ON. But I didn't know till this year even though apparently it was on my medical notes. Hmph. Ther insurance people want to me to ring them back with reasons why I didn't declare that. I couldn't declare what I didn't know, and I didn't tick the 'blurred vision' box as it wasn't blurred, just odd in the middle, but apparently the GP notes say blurred. Gah. I don't have time to deal with all this - don't really have time to ring the bloomin insurance people back as I need to go to work and am working all day tomorrow. This is not easy! (Sorry for the rant, I need to go to to work where I can't talk about this, and I needed to get it out!)