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Sex makes symptoms worse?

Hi guys, I find that sex - well, I'm single so solo sex ;) - makes a lot of my symptoms feel much worse (walking, balance). Is this just me. Combined with a drop in sex drive, I basically can't even be bothered. Is this just me?

erm RE the sex drive, its definitely not just you (well I say that as a long term married 55 year old that is) until I came on here I wasn't 100% sure that wasn't an age thing apposed to an illness thing but the site has showed me amongst other things, its sadly a pretty common MS thing :-). PS - Jealous your in Paris (as a person that spends all the working day listening to FIP on internet radio).


Hi. I have 0 drive. A very responsive partner, who I cannot get hard for. Yay. I look forward to being less of a man for her. She tells me that she understands, however I just want to help her.