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I feel guilty every single day. I have 2 boys ages 18 and 14. I sometimes cry because bc I feel like they’re missing out on having a “normal” mom. My boys are the best! As soon as we park they immediately get out of the car and get my walker for me. As much as I love and appreciate them for their kindness it also pisses me off bc they shouldn’t have to worry about that. Does anyone else struggle with this??

Hi @mkbutcher, you're so blessed! What a wonderful pair of boys! I bet if you asked them, they wouldn't trade you in for anyone else. Yeah, you're probably not playing football or baseball with them, or teaching them gymnastics, but my guess is you're there for them, you listen to them, you laugh with them, and you show them that you love them in a million little ways each day. MS plays with our brains so much that we often forget what we bring to our relationships. You're raising two awesome boys, don't forget to pat yourself on the back. Face it, there's a lot of people who don't have MS that can't do that and you did. I guarantee you as your boys move forward and create adult relationships of their own, you are going to be the standard of excellence they compare others too. Yeah, guilt is part of my MS too. But if my expensive psychologist has taught me anything it's that my guilt is exactly that - MY guilt - and that my family usually doesn't share all of my critical self assessments. Hug yourself, @mkbutcher. From where I'm sitting, you're doing great :-)


Been there. Always feeling angry with myself that I can’t be who I was. That I can’t move the way I did. It took me a long time to accept that this is how my body is now. I’ve had to learn to be very patient with myself and my body and thankfully it taught me to be patient with others too. As long as you do your best to be present for your kiddos and support and love them, that truly what they need from you. By having you as a a parent they are learning more compassion, empathy and responsibility that they might not have otherwise. In every bitter moment, there is always a sweet one too. Gentle hugs