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MRI's and piercings

This may seem like an odd ask, so bare with me... I had my nose pierced for 3 months and had to take it out for my first MRI. As they take 6 months+ to heal, it had already closed up by the time my MRI was over. I couldn't get it repierced as I had 3/4 MRI's after that. I would happily get it redone after October (my next MRI) as then I won't be due one for 6 months, but as we all know too well about the unpredictability of relapses and subsequent tests, I am unwilling. I would still love to get it done, so, my question is: has anyone had a piercing (preferably ear or facial) in a certain metal suitable for the MRI scanners or can you get plastic retainers, or would it be best asking the people who do the MRI scans themselves?

Haven't got any piercings but I would have thought in this day and age ceramic ones should be available that shouldn cause any problems with the MRI😍


I used to have an eye brow piercing a long while ago. I had a plastic one I used for work because it was see through and just wore that and it was fine. I would still mention it to your radiologist before going in and double check if it's completely plastic. I know this may sound silly but double check because some have metal rods still inside of the plastic ones. it will stop the healing and give you plenty of time to readjust. hope that helps. I wouldn't reccomend the non magnetic metals just to be on the more safe side, plastics, ceramics and glass are all fine. plastic is also the cheapest. best of luck.