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Aubagio and hair loss

I am starting on Aubagio tomorrow and wanted to ask peoples experience? I took Avonex for 10 years, ( luckily no progression? Just hated injecting myself so am giving Aubagio a go. My main concern is the hair loss, how thin does it get, I'm 40 and proud to have thick hair, sorry if that sounds vain.

Hi @michael I have been on Aubagio for 1.5 years and love it now as I have shown no MS progression and I have no side effects from the drug. BUT I did have the hair thinning from months 4-7 where my hair definitely did thin a lot (I noticed but no one else did). All of my hair has grown back but it was a rough couple of months as I saw my hair fall to the floor. My Neuro said that every patient he had on Aubagio experienced some hair loss; it just depended on the severity of it. Good luck and I hope Aubagio works for you! Spunky


Thanks Spunky, great that you've shown no progression. The hair loss is my biggest fear TBH, I will be starting tomorrow and not looking forward to it.