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MSers and our partners

Recently I’ve seen a fair amount of posts on the forum here talking about relationships. Some from partners of MSers wondering how best to lend support and some from MSers wondering how best to communicate their needs. Would love to start the conversation here from both sides. MSers, how do you best communicate your needs or explain your symptoms to your partner? Partners, what have you found most helpful for your other half? Looking forward to hearing from you all! Melissa

IHad a partner for 43 years, when I first got the MS I was in bed for 3 months not knowing if I'd ever get up again. Our local group has a group for carers, they meet socially, go bowling, cinema, all sorts or just meet in the pub fog a pint and a moan, my partner took on all the household tasks whilst still at work. Then he took early retirement to spend more time with me and then he reached 65, big mistake In the UK because Mr .Government thinks that you don't need carers allowance when you get your pension. He stuck around for 18mths but then left. Is. In the middle of PIP tribunal cos I have lost my enhanced payment so no car and no carer so if you've got a good one appreciate them for what they do, give them as much freedom as you can and learn to talk to each other, there should be no secrets cos Mr government will mess it up soon without your help!


@mellisa-g My wife is a nurse so she understands the disease and how it effects people. She sees the worst cases in her hospital so she acutely aware of symptoms and how I feel when I have a relapse. (good choice of partner). We have 2 small children so communication is difficult. We try to have a bath together every week where we talk about what is going on and our emotions. Water (and Pinot Noir plus a few candles) seems to make conversation easier.