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Mental Health Support for People with MS?

Hey everyone. I'm recently diagnosed and I'm struggling a lot to come to terms with now having the disease and the uncertainty it brings. I've been trying to look around for appropriate mental health support, but I'm not really sure where to start looking. I'm still waiting to be put in touch with my MS nurse. I feel like I could use some kind of support fairly soon, I'm physically feeling okay at the moment, but incredibly stressed about what comes next and finding it difficult to get settled. If there's any resources I can be pointed to I would be extremely grateful. I'm based in Southampton in the UK if that's helpful.

I do feel for you and understand. I was diagnosed in the last year too and the uncertainty is hard. Your MS nurse will be helpful but they too are in the dark about which way your symptoms will go, and it may be that they do not worsen. If you can afford it I would recommend a few sessions of counselling just to talk. If that is not something you would consider then choose a good friend. Look after yourself as well as you can.


You could try the MS Trust or MS Society? Google the number and give them a ring. I hope it helps?