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After putting it off and some encouragement I applied for pip earlier this year. I had a phone assessment and recently got the results of it and my application was denied. All of the answers that I provided scored 0 and everything that I explained on my application on how my ms affects me seemed to be ignored. Each one was responded with 'i have decided that you can and whilst my ms is acknowledged none of my evidence indicate any restrictions. So just wondering if anyone with RRMS has been successful with PIP and if it's even worth trying again or asking them to reconsider their decision?

Hello and sorry to hear this - I've got a phone assessment with them next week and I'm dreading it to be honest! How did you find it (other than the obviously shitty outcome)?


@lukezni You can ask for reconsideration. Remember they look at regular issues not worst case. I was awarded after dx based on problems