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Want to have a whinge

I just want to say I am really sick and tired of not being able to walk without a crutch or my gofer or freezing when I need to step up a high side curb. I do get to the point that I don't want to go out because people feel sorry for me just want to be how I was 15years ago. OK got that out :-)

I know exactly how you feel, @lorag , but life is what it is. We've been dealt a bad hand, but you have to play the cards you've been dealt. Don't get hung up on what you've lost, enjoy what you've got. ;)


Hi @lorag, I totally empathasise! I find it extremely difficult to be considered "disabled" when in my head, I still consider myself as fit as a fiddle, as I was this time last year. It's amazing how deterioration comes swiftly and stealthily like a sly fox in the dead of night... I'm exactly the same on my crutches, attempting to mentally reason and visualise my approach, only for my weak legs to fail miserably. I then find myself chastising myself, which only adds to the whole distressful debacle. It's impossible to comprehend how things that came so naturally are as challenging as running for government! I understand. I then have a little rest in my car, and suddenly feel I'm ready to attempt the whole farcical episode again... I reason to myself : "Monica, it's just temporary. This too shall pass..." as has been my mantra for 11 years.