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Ocrevus and periods

Are there any members on here who have noticed any changes in their cycle since starting Ocrevus? I had my first half dose end of July. I was on my period at the time. Had my 2nd half dose on Tuesday (it’s Saturday today) - exactly 2 weeks after the first. Yesterday I started bleeding heavily with what I’d describe as strong cramps, like period cramps but worse than I’ve had before. I’m presuming it’s a random early period, but just over 2 weeks since my last period is something I’ve never experienced. Does anybody have any experience of Ocrevus causing problems with their cycle? This feels like a period but worse than I’ve experienced before. And I’m crying to points about not understanding why I’m crying. It’s not normal and the commencing Ocrevus is the only reason I can think of that can be a reason. It’s horrid feeling like this. I hate me and what is happening, and I don’t know why I can’t just feel normal.

So sorry to hear, yes Ocrevus has effected me with period. your GP can give you a tablet to help. Try and get a ultra scan and they can rule out fibroids. Oh the joys, if there is a next life I’m coming back deffo not as a women 😟 Try and speak to your gp and M S nurses. Hope you can get help and everyone tells me there is help.SJxx💕


I don’t know anything about fibroids 😕 Flipping heck, this MS thing has no end of new things without warning. I think I’ll be contacting the MS nurses on Monday…