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Work life & MS

I work full time and hope to keep it that way for a very long time as seen as i am the bread winner. Recently i have had a few problems at work which have resulted in meetings with Occupational Health, who gave me a cognitive test to see exactly where i am compared to someone of the same age and education background to see if anything needs implementing at work whereby my employers may need to make 'reasonable adjustments'. Anyway i had the results last week and they were really interesting and the main thing bought to light was that i have no short term memory or rather i can't relay something i have just been told or cant implement anything as the information received is gobbledogook....:) So it has been decided that i need a dictaphone (cos my writing is too bad) and i now have to be in the background at meetings etc due to my symptons becoming alot worse if i feel the slightest bit stressed. It has really helped as i had started becoming very defensive with people as i couldn't express myself properly or say what i really meant, my typing/writing is so dyslexic that it now takes me 3 x longer as i have to go over it again and again, partly cos i forget the first bit! but its actually quite funny now and i can now laugh at things i mess up but i suppose i am trying to say to anyone else who works, especially who works in a management position that ask for help to see the different ways to help you cope with everyday tasks, its really helped me. I have a meeting in 2 weeks with occy health and my boss to see if anything else needs implementing to make life a bit easier

It all sounds very encouraging for you. It's good to have an employer that values your contribution. :)


Hi @kerrylouise i echo Stumbler's thoughts, it is good you have a decent employer. Mine is the same and, i have to see occupational health regularly as i work in a lab quite often. For me it's a good safety check and once i got over the initial 'are they trying to find a reason to get rid of me' i realise it's all worthwhile. How are your collegues with any changes they have implemented? Luckily mine are fine but you hear some bullying horror stories!!