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Tysabri with antibiotics

Evening all, I have awful ear pain which I’ve had for almost a week and pretty sure it’s an ear infection. Going to see a same day doctor tomorrow. And suspect they would offer me antibiotics. But I’ll see what they say My question is, has anyone been prescribed them while taking Tysabri? I’ve never been told you can’t have other medication while on it? Thanks

@keepupthefight , Tysabri does increase your chances of picking up an infection, so anti-biotics seem to go hand-in-hand. However, it would be advisable to contact your infusion centre and ask for their advice. They may seek to delay your next infusion, if you haven't finished the course of anti-biotics by your next infusion date.


@stumber morning, thanks for your message. I’ll contact my infusion nurse, as you say if it requires me to delay my next infusion then that’s what it is... but I need relief from the pain I’m in. It really sucks 😢