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Sick of being sick and tired

I started Tecfidera two weeks ago , switched to higher dose exactly a week ago. The lower dose gave me no effects, not even flushing, but being on the higher given me mild stomach cramps till last night I had the worst stomach cramps , cried my eyes out for an hour, along with nausea even though I ate a good dinner . I’ve also noticed ms symptoms that had subsided before this medicine (emotional outbreaks, fatigue, and complete brainfog) anyone else seem to get worse altogether after starting a new medicine ?

That’s not something I’ve experienced, but I am worse when unwell and it sounds like (although it’s caused by the medication) you’re not too well right now. For me, the Tecfidera side effects lasted only a few days (triggered when I upped the dosage) - the flushing continued to affect me sporadically for as long as I took it, but wasn’t that bad. I’m not a doctor, so whilst what you’re going through is potentially explained by the change, it might be a good idea to flag it, especially if it doesn’t subside soon. Hope it gets better for you.


My wife had a similar experience with Tecfidera. She described it as pushing a tennis ball inside of her and up. She had a lot of burping and air. It was a horrible experience for a long time. Eventually a medicine called Singlair solved it. If you have similar symptoms let me know and I will send you a link to earlier posts with the details. It got worse as the days went on to the point where she had to stop for a bit. She described it on par with childbirth except it lasted a lot longer. It has horrible. Happy to report though she doesnt even remember taking it most days now as it causes no issues a year and half in.