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Inappropriate laughing

Hey everyone....so my newest thing is inappropriate laughing and feeling giddy! Some of my friends have said it is great that I appear so happy....but when your talking to your child's teacher about silly behaviour and you are smirking so much because you are trying not to laugh it does not look good, lol! I feel like telling people its my MS but they wouldn't understand! Every time I try to talk to my partner I can't control the laughing ARGHHHH! I now laugh because I am laughing and I can't control it, lol! Anyone else had the same? :)

@hollylb10 , look up "emotional lability" - it is an MS symptom. :wink:


Ok, not so funny reading the science behind it, lol! The first thing that came up in my google search was MND! I hope it passes soon! ;)