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MS Hacks: Next topic?

HI everyone. It's been a long time, but MS Hacks is back. This time, I'd like you all to tell me what you would like to see as the next topic. for those of you who don't know it, this feature is a way for us to share tips and lifehacks that we actually use in our own lives to make living with MS that little bit more manageable. So far, we've looked at dealing with the Summer heat, fatigue management, and working around cognitive changes. Which topic do you think could be most beneficial for you, right now? xdee

I would say fatigue / tiredness.. how do you manage it? I have noticed from the last few months, if I sleep 11pm and up at 6am.. I'm still tired. No matter how long or how short I sleep.. I'm still tired.


Ey ups I'm working on a few hacks myself being new to the whole disabalist fing don't like using disabled as a word as it's far too serious that's hack number one. Hack number two I'm lucky enough to have three beautiful baby's all with baby furniture this has all been strategically placed around the house so I can sit down when Im knackered there poor mans hacks and I look a reet tool I'm 6 foot 3 for Phook sake can you picture me sat in a toddlers chair he he he but it works I have one in kitchen one at bottom of stairs one at the top oh and one in the hallway we'll did have till it broke when I forgot to put the landing gear down and crash landed that's now held together with duct tape.