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MS Hacks: Dealing with Disability.

Hey, guys. I'm going to keep this broad for now but reckon it'll get broken down into categories later. Many of us will have varying degrees of disability - I have foot-drop and mobility issues, my hands become useless when cold, etc - so I suspect we are a treasure trove of tips and tricks for managing these new differences in ability. Which tips do you swear by in your own life? I'm going with Internet shopping: taking the bus to then walk around Wilko's for half an hour is just not always a good use of my time and energy.

I am also a big internet shopper, I was going to try grocery shopping on the internet this winter. But we have had a really mild winter this year so I am able to go shopping in person. I like grocery shopping, I get some exercise and the stores here are a all in one stop. Drop in clinic, Pharmacy, Bank, Post Office, Hair Salon, Jewelry Store, Eye doctor and glasses, Clothing store, Starbucks and a deli style restaurant inside the grocery store. I make a afternoon of it I have a relaxing lunch and then spend a couple of hours shopping. If I am not having a good walking day I get a scooter and terrorize the store in it. Potter


For when my stupid hands give me jip, I have a few front fastening bras to avoid the inevitable fight with the hooks.