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strangers comments

yesterday at work we had a contractor in doing maintenance (I work in a cafeteria style kitchen for the military). Being in limbo I have no cause for why I'm struggling to walk and just carry on as best as I can. My co-workers and management are supportive and understanding (thankfully no longer panic when I go off kilter). Yesterday was a rough walking day and I had what looked like a serious limp, this guy I have never seen before stops and says "is your foot ok?" I was caught off guard and surprised at this, just said "oh ya, don't worry about it haha. Thank you" My one co-worker was sitting there laughing about it, cause he knew neither one of us had the time to get into it. Is this something that all you face daily? Questions from strangers? I dread to go out with a cane :/

Yep! All the time!


Questions on occasion especially if/when I need to stairs. Come up with a SHORT easy answer and leave it at that if possible. Something like, “Yes, I have a mild case of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which affects me on stairs and other uneven places. But I manage just find with minor adaptations! Life is good!” Most people take that at face value, but I choose to use the opportunity to educate anyone who chooses to probe further about what MS is and isn’t.