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Text Tombola: New PRIZES and feedback please

Hi All We have just added two amazing new prizes to the text tombola project we are running! We have signed books from the incredible photographer Rankin and ten pack of marvellous Sugru, the self-setting rubber to hack things better. You can check out the project here - www.shift.ms/texttombola The prizes will be drawn at the beginning of next week, so please do send that text with the code 'TMBO14£3' to 70070, to donate £3 to Shift.ms and then just follow the link back to the site to enter your details for a chance to win! We thought we would try something new as a way to fundraise, using micro-donations (£3 seemed about right) that allows people to show their support for Shift.ms, whilst also having the chance to win. To be honest it's been quite slow on the uptake...and it would be great to hear from you guys what you think? are you happy to support Shift.ms with a small donation? Is the amount to much? the text giving too difficult / suspicious? Is the idea too complicated? What ever your thoughts we would love to hear. Thanks Freddie

Vodafone's JustGiving website makes a schoolboy web development error in not recognising the apostrophe in my surname. Poor mistake Vodafone, tut, tut! My new wheelchair arm rest has been made from sugru as part of London Design week - video available here http://vimeo.com/49665991