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Second relapse of the year, steroids...

I am currently on 5 days of Methylprednisolone because of optic neuritis in my good eye and they honestly make me feel awful. One question is I have had them before in february this year and I am having similar side effects now that I had back then. One being bad taste in mouth and nothing taste normal.... People keep scaring me asking if I have covid, but I feel well and my temp on wednesday was 35.7c. So now I'm panicking and thinking is it? But I know I had these side effects last time. Anyone have any experience of this side effect on steroid? I need to calm down :( thanks in advance for any replies!

Hi! I had the same reaction from the people around me but I 1000% do not have covid ha! I just finished a high dose of prednisone and the taste is AWFUL and I’ve been off of it for a week. Idk if that’s comforting because the taste linger BUT covid leads to lack of taste and if we are having the same thing, no Taste would be better 😅


Hey! I was on IV steroids for 5 days then on pills for another 10. Never ever felt such horrible taste in my mouth. I was eating sugar free candy pretty much during the whole course 🤷‍♀️